Most of my time is spent with professional portraits.  Sometimes I have a chance to be creative and dial in the lighting a little bit more than normal.  This one for some of my favorite it people at  https://teamddm.com/




iMove Personality Portraits

I have been working with iMove for quite a few years. We came up with the idea to capture a more traditional standard portrait and then offer another image that showcases more of their awesome personalities. A few samples for your viewing pleasure.

Social Media

In my career I do a lot of photography with many talented professionals. The beauty is that I often deliver a gallery of images and we don’t always know the end use. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of work pop-up in my Facebook feed from Spectrum Health. Social media isn’t always my main goal but it’s still pretty cool.

DeVries Jewelers

Some recent work I did for DeVries Jewelers.  It's great to do work over the years for such great clients.  The team of Jim Hossler is always spot on too.  This is a current billboard on US 131 Northbound.  Check it out and check out DeVries!  http://www.devriesjewelers.com & https://www.jimhossler.com

2018 Grand Rapids Wedding Photography

Over the past 13 years I have photographed a good number of weddings.  I even had one destination wedding in Paris at the Chateau de Fontainebleau.  The last two seasons I have only been accepting from from September through May which limits things significantly.  So far, I am pleased with that decision.  Recently, I was able to photograph a wedding for my awesome cousin and I’m quite pleased.  This was at the Thornapple Pointe Golf Course. 


MSAF Michigan Sports Academies Foundation

I was grateful to be a part of the the MSAF Michigan Sports Academies Foundation tailgate.  The event raises over $100,000 to support sports scholarships for the Michigan Basketball Association and Michigan Basketball Association.  

Austin Hatch and Abby Cole were great speakers for the event.

Some of my photography and more details on the event are located here:




MVP Personality Photography

Something can be said for having clients for over 10 years.  MVP Sportsclubs have been amazing and I love all of the photography that I get to do for them.  Marketing and advertising campaigns, updating photos for their online apps with group exercise instructors, all the way to billboards.  My kind of sports and fitness photography.  www.mvpsportsclubs.com

MVP Billboard

As a commercial photographer it is always a highlight to work with talented professional to create cool work.  Billboards and print ads are especially cool to me.  



Northwoods University | DDM Marketing

I am fortunate to with work with some of the top talent in West Michigan.  This project for Northwoods University implemented by DDM Marketing.  A very talented team that knows how to put together an elaborate project like this one from concept to creation.  Northwoods University wanted to showcase students in the real world and also in the classroom.  Hope you enjoy how it turned-out.  Ended-up being a national campaign.  

Dealer Two With Line.JPG